When a bulk mailing is prepared properly, it can save a great deal of time and money. An example: a smart selection of materials often makes it possible to speed up postal processing, improving the price-quality ratio. This approach may also lead to significant savings on shipping costs.


The date when the post reaches the recipient is crucial in some cases, while other mailings are all about keeping costs as low as possible. We have been partnering with various postal services for over 35 years. You can rely on our expertise to help you find the optimal postal service for your mailing.


Does your company frequently send letters and packages to international addresses? And do international postal fees feel prohibitively expensive? Our rates are so low that you’re sure to benefit immediately, even on lower-volume mailings.


In terms of price, Distrimail offers attractively low rates for postal volumes ranging from small to very large – and those low rates apply to packaging costs as well as postal fees.


An accurate database of addresses is essential. We can remove any redundancies from your address list and ensure that errors are eliminated. Please note: our services do NOT include providing addresses!


Established in 1978, DISTRIMAIL is a postal processing company offering decades of professional expertise. Our company has extensive experience in all aspects of postal processing.


Our services

Distrimail handles all the aspects of a bulk mailing on your behalf: data processing, printing, addressing, folding, inserting and sealing in plastic foil. You can rely on our expertise! If we review the details of a mailing together beforehand, it can be prepared optimally, saving time and money. The less time we need to spend on your mailing, the more time you have left to prepare it!

Optimal access to your target audience requires an accurate, correctly structured database of addresses. Our decades of experience are based on extensive, in-depth knowledge, making it simple for us to adjust your address database to meet your current needs – including removing redundancies based on various criteria. We can help you purchase print services, envelopes and packaging, ensuring that the materials will always be suitable for processing – and potentially cutting costs. If you maintain an inventory of your (basic) materials at our location, you’ll save on logistics and be able to achieve extremely quick processing times. We’ll also notify you if any of your supplies are running low. Distrimail handles international postal services for a number of prominent companies, including letters and packages of various sizes and weight categories. Distrimail helps companies achieve significant savings on postal fees, and we can help your company too. Our decades of experience and our personal approach ensure that we can handle all your postal orders to your complete satisfaction.

Try it for yourself; you won’t regret it!

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